How to Grow Your Business Using Trade Shows

Anybody that has ever been to a trade show can tell you the same thing; it can do wonders for your business. It is a great way to reach new customers, unload some existing merchandise, not to mention a place to meet great contacts But if you want your business to succeed at the next trade show, the first thing you will need is a strategy. You will have to develop a plan on how to set up your area, what promotional items you’ll pass out, and consider the overall presentation and image that you’ll be promoting. If you follow these basic concepts, not only will you make more money promoting your brand at a trade show, but you will rapidly increase your business in the process.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to figure out your presentation. How will you be promoting your business visually? If you don’t have the right look, and some cool promotional items to pass out, your trade show experience could be a massive failure. But with the right set up, your business could have a solid presence. You’ll first want to secure a few nice tables, and put them together, and find a nice cloth or covering to put over them. You’ll want to have some signs of your business, or even a nicely embroidered logo will do the trick. You’ll want something that catches the eye, but is not too gaudy; you want your business to look classy, but approachable.

It is also important to have a trained staff there, representing your business and ready to sell. When you are flooded with new customers, new clients, and new contacts, it can be pretty overwhelming, that is why you will need a trained staff there to help you manage the booth. You’ll want to move quickly, but be thorough with your conservations and dealings. Also, have a note taker or a secretary nearby writing down different people’s numbers and names to keep track of all the information. Train your employees accordingly so that they can deal quickly with customers, yet be able to explain your business inside and out.

At a trade show, whether you are there promoting your business, or looking to sell off some merchandise, make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of free handouts. If you have the right promotional item or gift, it can do wonders for your trade show presence. There are so many different products to grab people’s attention that something free, but interesting, might just be what it takes to put your booth over the top, and give your business great success at the next trade show to come.

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Are You Winging It In Your Business?

Are you so busy that you feel like you’ve fallen off track?

Are your deadlines more like suggestions?

Do you feel like your business is struggling, has lost its focus, or is out of control?

Do you feel like you have no control over what happens day-to-day?

If so, you just might be winging it in your business.

If you feel like that proverbial chicken with its head cut off, you’re not working according to your plans and goals. You might be extremely busy, but are you productive? The two are not the same. Being busy may mean you’re simply going with the flow and doing what you need to at the moment to keep the business going.

Again, you’re winging it. You’re flying by the seat of your pants and don’t have the focus or the control you need to keep your business on goal. When you’re not in control, you’re not productive.

And if you, the CEO and Visionary, aren’t being productive, your business is simply treading water and not growing.

When your time is focused primarily on daily tasks and busy work inside your business, you don’t have time or energy to create goals and plans to help make your business thrive. All you do is put out fires, and you don’t have time to train your team to avoid setting fires in the first place.

You’re winging it, not working it. You’re wasting precious time doing things someone else needs to be doing. You’re not delegating effectively (or at all), and you’re mistaking being busy for being productive.

At the end of the day, you’re not helping your business to profit because you’re stuck doing everything but high-level, revenue-producing activities.

This is not a judgment. I’ve seen this too many times with my clients, and in the past I did my share of winging it. I was so busy dealing with emergencies and distractions that I couldn’t focus on my real job in the business, the CEO role.

I didn’t see a way out. Maybe you can relate.

I’m happy to tell you today there IS a way out, and it’s simpler than you think.

I love to help my clients discover the difference between working ON their businesses and working IN them. When you work on your business, you do the tasks a CEO should be doing, such as building strategic business relationship, delivering and engaging with your clients, writing marketing materials, and planning and creating new products and services. You work on your vision and your big plans for the future.

That’s your role, not putting out fires, dealing with customer service, solving operational issues, managing day-to-day operations and marketing management, creating manuals and procedures, or paying the bills.

You need to delegate all those tasks and get back to what you do best: finding new ways to grow your business that serves the world.

However, no one teaches us how to delegate when we go into business. You need support in deciding what to keep and what to delegate.

You need someone to run the day-to-day operations of your business so you’re free to grow the business. You need someone to help you stop winging it and start working it.

It’s time to bring in an online business manager. Not getting this valuable support will stall your business and burn you out. An online business manager will produce far more value than he or she costs. The time and energy you’ll regain will pay for your Online Business Manager several times over.

You became a woman entrepreneur to share your ideas, have an impact in the world and create a living for you and you family. When you hire a virtual business manager for your 6-7 figure business, you’re able to breathe and use your energy to plan the future of your business. You can create goals and plot the course to reach them.

Not knowing how to delegate and spending time and energy on the wrong things are just two ways women entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in their businesses.

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Evolution of Business Card from Visiting or a Calling Card

A “business card” also recognized as a “visiting card” is a medium to share an individual details like name, designation, profession, company name, contact numbers, addresses, email ID, messenger IDs, web URLs, etc. Thus it is a common form of advertising media or tool and allows information exchange between individuals and professionals.

In information age though there are several formats used to exchange business card and it might seem a recent invention, its history trails back to 15th Century in China. It was then a “visiting card” or a “calling card” as compared to the modern term.

Like every practice had to come from English, the business card too began to gain its presence vividly in English society from 17th Century during Louis XIV, the Sun King’s reign. English society shifted it’s paradigm from being used for social to business purposes with a new name for it I.e. “a trade card”

Unlike business card which displays designation and contact ids of a professional these days, trade card was more of a road map to help public reach merchant’s location. A typical business card in those days used to be printed using letterpress methods of printing or woodcut in monotones with a small amount of tint.

With the advent of lithography around 1830s it became important to have a trade card with more printing and color options. It became popular in USA leaving not much distinction between it and a trade card.

It was also no longer considered as a “calling card” to stress it’s etiquette on professional grounds especially when it was considered to reflect a business visit to anyone by a company employee to collect a bill or debt in USA

In the modern era of digital age, the term has gained its monopoly and eradicated calling card, rate card and even visiting card from business dictionary. Whether it’s a small or a medium enterprise, a proprietor or a multi-national company, it has earned its essence and is the most vital tool for anyone to engrave their presence in the public.

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Your Home Based Business Opportunity – 5 Powerful Key Facts To Drive Your Business Forward

Your Needs

So much has been said for the customer or client’s needs but know your own needs. You must have serious financial ambition. You need to be greatly unsatisfied with your current earnings or business growth and you need to be looking to make more. A lot more. Never ever set low or ‘average’ goals. Do this, and you will get less than low or average results. Always, always set high yet realistic goals. Even if you fall short of achieving your business objectives, your achievements will still be extremely substantial.


You need an extremely good quality product or service. So good in fact that it must be able to sell itself. The easiest way to select this is by listening to what people want and giving them exactly what they want. There is a huge trap here that many people fall into which I will now mention. Beware of niches and use them wisely. Just because you know a great deal about 10th century basket weaving does not mean that your book on 10th century basket weaving will become an instant best seller and earn you a handsome profit. Here’s a hint for a home based business opportunity: What’s the current fad now? Got the answer? Excellent. Research it now, accumulate several facts about it and then write your best selling book.


Your home based business opportunity has an 80 to 90 percent chance of failure. You can easily overcome this. Turn this statistic around and start a home based business opportunity that has an 80 to 90 percent chance of success. Do this by getting good quality relevant advice on a regular basis. Have a mentor who understands your needs and is in the same business field that you’re in. Set up your own expert advisory team of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and other professionals to provide you with all the relevant facts and answers so that you can always make the right decisions all of the time. If you can’t afford to pay them, offer them shares in your home based business opportunity.


Your business mind-set. You don’t know the meaning of these words: quit; fail; problem. In your Master Success Business Dictionary, these words have been replaced:

‘Quit’ – has been replaced with: ‘dogged determination’

‘Fail’ – has been replaced with ‘did not quite achieve success at the first attempt’

‘Problem’ – has been replaced with ‘an interesting development – here’s what we’ll do’

You may break-even or you may be in profit right from the very start. You may even be running at a loss and subsidising your business with cash from other sources. But whatever happens, in the long run, you must see your business to be in a perpetual profit pulling state. So what if you’ve not yet attained the level of success that you’re ultimately aiming for? The bottom line is this: It’s going to be a roller-coaster ride and as a professional at your chosen home based business opportunity, you’re not interested in getting off in the middle of the journey.


You eat sleep, dream and drink your business. Nearly to the point of becoming obsessional. After all, this is your baby isn’t it? Every day, you dream up new ways of advertising your home based business opportunity. You do this because you know that the first rule of business is advertise, advertise, advertise. You talk to everyone that you can about it. You promote, promote, promote. And you watch your business grow.

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